Our Vision

The life cycle of the butterfly, from cocoon to the newly emerged butterfly, describes the ongoing evolution of Resurrection in the City in urban northeast Denver.

Over the past three years, like the butterfly that comes forth from the chrysalis, the congregation has begun to “stretch its wings” in ministry to community and in renovation of property.

New thinking has surfaced.  We’ve left behind “survival mentality” for an understanding of the need to love and serve community.  As we stretch our wings in this endeavor, they are growing stronger, similar to the butterfly who stretches its wings as it emerges from the cocoon.

The butterfly symbolizes the resurrection.  Christ, cocooned in the grave on Good Friday, bursts forth with new life on Easter morning.

We too, were once cocooned in our old sinful nature.  Yet, through Christ’s atoning work on Mt. Calvary and his resurrection on Easter morning, we have new life.  We are a new creation.

There are people in northeast Denver who remain wrapped in the cocoon of sin.  Without the Good News of Jesus Christ they will never be free; they will never emerge with new life now or in eternity with Christ.  The community institutions in our neighborhood are also cocooned in sin; created by God to nurture, yet often not understanding and living up to His calling.

We stretched our wings in developing a relationship with Harrington Public School, a turnaround school with similar values as Resurrection in the City.  Hope bursts forth as students, staff, and parents are served.  We see further relationships developing in community with individuals and with other agencies.

While creation groans, waiting for the new heaven and earth, we see restored and renovated facilities utilized for ministry.

A significant portion of the campus at Resurrection in the City remains cocooned, waiting for restoration.   By the end of 2016, we see a newly renovated gathering place in the Community Building.  In 2018, we visualize a daycare building renovated for use by Resurrection in the City and/or other groups for serving community.

We feel energy radiating into the city to bring new life to the people of northeast Denver.  We hear a multi-cultural group of disciples speaking with their neighbors, restoring trust and respect between neighbors, businesses, government, and church.  We hear the sound of prayer continually ascending to the throne of God for all in the city.

We see disciples of Resurrection in the City working with the people of northeast Denver to make a more appealing, united, and safe community.

Within two years we see a new pastor leading Resurrection in the City in loving and serving the people of northeast Denver.

We  see people of all ages, genders, socio-economic groups, and ethnicities being brought into the Kingdom of God as we seek to bring about God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

Adopted by the Board of Directors on October 5, 2015


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